Site Check
Real-Time Domain Monitoring
Ads Defender keeps on checking the availability of your websites, every minute, 24/7. If the application detects any website availability issues, it will automatically pause all of your Google Ads campaigns, thus preventing your clients from reaching a malfunctioning website. Once the website is available again, the application will resume the campaigns it paused. You will be notified about the activity of Ads Defender via email.
What are the benefits?
  • you are not wasting your money on ineffective advertising
  • your reputation among clients stays intact
  • you maintain a good Google Ads Quality Score which means less money spent on advertising
How does it work?

Ads Defender monitors your website 24/7. Every single minute. It verifies whether the website is working properly for smooth, trouble- free use. Should the first verification attempt fail, Ads Defender will repeat the check twice in a short period of time. This way we can be certain that the problem is not temporary. If your website is still not responding, Ads Defender will immediately pause all of your Google Ads campaigns, using the accounts linked to that particular website.

In case of a server crash or any other malfunction, the reaction will be instant. Three minutes: that is how long it will take to pause the campaigns from the moment an issue is detected. And thatʼs how you protect your image among clients and your budget from wasting away!

After your website resumes operation, the Ads Defender will activate all the campaigns it paused during the downtime. You will be kept up to date and notified about all the actions via email.

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