Out-of-Stock Products
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Often some products within your Google Shopping campaigns are still being advertised despite being sold out and unavailable (out of stock). As a result, your ad leads to a page that doesn’t allow to buy that specific product.

Thanks to its Out-of-Stock Products feature, Ads Defender makes Google Ads stop spending money on unavailable products and, if those products are back in stock, it will run advertising for them again.

Out of stock
What are the benefits?
  • you won’t spend money on advertising unavailable products
  • you will avoid frustrated clients and maintain a positive brand identity
  • you will enhance control over your Shopping-campaign spending and product stock
  • you will manage your budget better by spending money only on available products
  • you will maximize your campaign ROI
How does it work?

Google Shopping is a perfect tool for all online stores’ owners. According to the research, this campaign type is one of the most effective ways to generate conversions in an online store. However, very often products are being sold out quickly and their availability changes to “out of stock”. It takes a while for Google Ads to stop displaying such products. A still running ad is leading to a product page from which you can’t buy the product anymore. You waste money that could be spent on promoting other products. Ads Defender’s Out-of-Stock Products option will be monitoring your product stock and will notify you any time a given product has changed its status to unavailable. This way you will minimize the time during which an ad of an unavailable product is displayed. Ads Defender will pause such ads and will run them again only after the product has appeared as available.