Daily budget protection coming soon
Are you aware of the fact that your daily spend on a PPC campaign can exceed your average daily budget twice (200%)? Good to know, then, that Ads Defender will safeguard your funds by looking at how Google Ads is spending your money. Ads Defender sends you an email if your average daily limit has been notably exceeded.
Daily budget
What are the benefits?
  • you have more to say in how Google Ads spends your money
  • you can quickly react if your budget has been exceeded
  • you don’t invest money into non-effective ads
  • you can manage your campaign spend better
  • you make better use of your budget and increase your profit
How does it work?

It’s not rare for Google Ads to not respect the daily budget defined for a campaign. In an extreme case, your costs may mount up to the limit of 200% of the average daily amount you have specified for a campaign. This is not a great situation especially for companies whose budget is not too flexible and they intend to spend it in the most optimized way.

The Daily Budget Protection function of Ads Defender lets you be up to date with your campaign’s daily budget spend all the time. The application is controlling budgets on your ad accounts depending on how the spend is being leveraged. In case of reaching the budget limit, Ads Defender notifies you with an email. This lets you react to the overspend — you can pause or modify the campaigns that reached their budget limits.