Click Fraud protection
Fraudulent clicks may eat up even 20% of your sponsored links budget. The Click Fraud option of Ads Defender successfully protects you from such unfair doings as it filters out invalid addresses and blocks fraudulent clicks.
Click Fraud
What are the benefits?
  • you don’t waste money on ineffective clicks
  • you pay only for real clients
  • you optimize efficiency of your Google Ads campaigns and gain new clients
  • you avoid further frauds and budget losses of the like
  • you increase control over your budget spend
How does it work?

The share of fraudulent clicks on sponsored links may reach 20% of all clicks but sometimes it’s much bigger. Bots, unfair competition, and link farms ruin your conversion rate and can quickly squander your budget. Unfortunately, Google Ads is not able to spot all invalid clicks. In case of advanced and expensive campaigns advertisers suffer heavily due to fraud clicks.

Ads Defender’s Click Fraud feature monitors campaigns 24/7. It checks every single visit to your site and through its dedicated algorithms detects unfair clicks, bots, and competition. If a fake click is detected, your ad is hidden to the fraud. This way Ads Defender protects you from fraudulent doings and you pay only for real clients.

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