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Stop budget leakage, frustrated users and poor quality scores
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24/7 Website Status Monitoring

It's highly likely you've wasted budget on sending traffic to your site while it's down without ever knowing. How can you avoid this and ensure your budget is invested where it matters?
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Daily budget

Daily Budget Protection coming soon

Uh-oh, your daily budget was overspent by 200% and now you have to explain the reason to your boss or your client. This wouldn't have happened with Ads Defender actively monitoring your budgets.
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Broken links

No More Broken Links

Your website restructure is complete but some ads final URLs have not been correctly updated. Ads Defender detects the broken links in your ads, keywords and products, and alerts you.
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Out of stock

Product Out of Stock coming soon

Success! People are loving your top product so you increase your budget to get even more sales, and it worked - you've sold the entire stock! Unfortunately, half the days budget was then spent on an out-of-stock product. Ads Defender would have alerted you as soon as the product was out of stock and paused the related ads immediately.
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Click fraud

Click Fraud Protection

Fraudulent clicks may eat up even 20% of your sponsored links budget. The Click Fraud option of Ads Defender successfully protects you from such unfair doings as it filters out invalid addresses and blocks fraudulent clicks.
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