Why the script may not be enough to check the links?

Google Ads scripts let you manage your ad campaigns in a significantly easier and quicker way. Thanks to them you can automate many tasks you’ve been working on manually. Unfortunately, sometimes a script is not enough and you need to reach for an external tool.

Running extended Google Ads campaigns requires much workload and valuable time. Luckily, Google Ads itself provides you with some tools that automate boring processes related to ad campaigns. Google Ads scripts let you control and manage your ad campaigns thanks to simple JavaScript code. Introduction of automated tasks lets you save time and optimizes both data analysis and ad campaign management.

Sadly, Google Ads or Bing Ads scripts, just as many other tools of their kind, are limited due to inability to use them on extended ad campaigns that include huge amounts of data; e.g., when you are to validate a few dozen thousand URLs.

What are then the most common problems with Google Ads scripts?

  • 30-min time limit. A Google Ads script for advertisers’ ad accounts can be executed only for 30 minutes, after which it is stopped. Good news is that all changes within the time limit are introduced but… if your script didn’t tend to scan all URLs? Tricky.
  • 50,000-object limit. A single script execution returns at most 50,000 objects (keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns). It looks as a big number but… Remember that the majority of keywords has a dedicated URL address so if you had more than 50,000 keywords, no single script would scan your whole ad account. Of course, you could still complete the task by executing the script over again, two or three times, but…
  • 20,000 URL addresses. This is the max. number of URL addresses that you can fetch for your ad account daily. During each execution your script can ping ca. 1,500-1,800 URLs within 30 minutes. Even if that timespan seems to be enough, you can still have too many URLs to check.
  • Scripts crash due to unknown reasons. You can do nothing in this case. Google Ads displays error messages when a script didn’t work out but usually you don’t know why it didn’t complete. This is why…
  • Not everybody likes using Google Ads scripts. Despite being helpful in simplifying and automating many tasks, Google Ads scripts are not liked by a significant number of users who just don’t like using them. Reason? The mentioned limits and unexpected results of some of their actions.

Scripts, for example those developed to detect incorrect URLs in ads, may not work correctly and not provide proper data due to the described limits. This is a significant problem especially for agencies that manage multiple clients’ extended campaigns and a huge number of ads. In such campaigns, there are always broken links that scripts have not detected in time, this likely being caused by limits. As a result, you or your clients waste money on ads with broken links, that is, links not leading people to product pages.

How to detect broken links in ad campaigns without Google Ads or Bing Ads scripts?

A solution is to take advantage of an external tool that is free of time or amount limits. With Ads Defender, you don’t need to stress yourself with scripts that can crash or run out of the 30-min limit before scanning all your URLs. Ads Defender checks your links for you. It monitors your ad campaigns in real time, continuously (24/7) searching for broken links.