Why are broken links bad?

5 reasons why broken links damage your business

Broken links appear quite often in Google Ads campaigns. Sometimes we don’t even realize how many of our ads take people to incorrect destinations. Undoubtedly, broken links are dangerous as they contribute to a negative image of your company and make you waste money.

How is it possible? Where broken links come from?

Broken links can appear in an active Google Ads campaign unexpectedly and due to various reasons. URLs can be broken/inactive temporarily or permanently.

Among the most frequent causes of broken links are:

  • failure of your site’s server (500 error);
  • changes in your site’s structure or link names, moving your site over to a new location (404 error).

During your campaign there might appear also pages which, though not being 404 or 500, you wouldn’t like to see in your advertising. Those are:

  • links to pages offering sold-out and unavailable products;
  • links to pages offering already booked rooms;
  • links to pages offering sold-out concert tickets;
  • links to pages showing empty search results;
  • links to pages showing outdated events and messages (e.g., “Christmas Gifts 2017” or “Black Friday Offers”).

In all those cases a link directs from an ad to a landing page that, unfortunately, can’t result in a conversion as that page either doesn’t work or doesn’t show any products to buy.

Links of that kind impact negatively not only your ad campaign but also the image your customers have of your company.

Why are broken links actually dangerous for your business?

Burned budget

As you perfectly know, in the PPC model you pay for each click. If a link is broken, you waste money because clicks don’t direct to a correct landing page. This is what we call “throwing money down the drain”.

Lost income

Due to a broken link there is no conversion — you don’t sell, you don’t make money. Regardless of how much time and energy (plus money) you have dedicated to acquire customers, a broken link destroys everything.

Frustrated and leaving customers

Nobody likes to visit pages that don’t work. Imagine you’re willing to take advantage of an attractive offer and, instead, you see a 404 error (non-existing page) or get to know that the product has been sold out. You may get nervous and feel cheated. Undoubtedly, such a situation would have a negative impact on that brand’s image.

Damage to the reputation

Broken links make you lose potential revenue and customers, as well as good opinions of your business. According to research, 44% of people tells others about their negative online experience. It takes years to shape your brand identity but only a moment to destroy it. And the latter can be due to a little single broken link.

Decreased quality score and… you lose money again

You know what quality score is? It’s a set of parameters according to which Google measures the quality of your ad. Ads that are correct and offer users good quality can then rely on better ad positions and financial conditions. Unfortunately, due to a broken link the quality score decreases, which translates into higher ad costs.

Wasting money, damaging image, and losing customers — these are things no company can let happen. This is why it’s that important to, while you prepare your ad campaign, protect yourself against problems resulting from broken links.

How to defend yourself against broken links?

A solution to broken links is to take advantage of a specifically dedicated software, which would check and alert you about broken links in your ads. Ads Defender, which is our proposition, checks availability of links in your campaigns 24/7, and in case of any problem with an incorrect link sends you an email. Ads Defender monitors your PPC campaigns and searches for links that lead to unavailable or sold-out products or services.

Thanks to Ads Defender, you are protected against budget loss and brand damage resulting from broken links