Should you worry about broken links?

It’s highly likely your customers are landing on at least some broken links as you read this. An estimated 12% of all clicks on Google Ads redirects to non-existing or erroneous pages. Can you afford to waste your budget like this?

Being sent from an ad to a non-existing page (when your browser displays error 404 or 500) happens regularly within a Google Ads campaign. Just browse over a few Google forums to see what frustrated advertisers are saying and you’ll understand the scale of the problem. If you think it doesn’t apply to you, you’re wrong. Broken links appear in ads for various reasons with the majority of them being external, meaning you have no control over these. Discovering and then reacting such issues quickly is almost impossible.

No More Broken Links
No More Broken Links
Such hard-to-detect issues happen most frequently when:
  • The link structure of your online store or company site has been modified
  • Your site has stopped working unexpectedly (e.g. server failure)

In both of these cases Google Ads is unlikely to detect the problem in an acceptably short amount of time. In fact many hours (or days) could pass before you realize that you’re spending money on ads that don’t work.

An estimated 12% of all clicks on Google Ads campaigns involve unavailable links. Sometimes that average may be higher – up to 25-40% and if the server goes down — 100%. If you’re running a Google Ads campaign and you server crashes then all clickers will be directed to a broken page while you continue to pay for the traffic. How much money could you lose before you realise and pause your ads?

URLs that direct people to incorrect or unavailable pages should concern you for several reasons:
  • They waste your ad budget and lose business
  • They damage your brand image
  • They frustrate and annoy potential customers
  • They lower the quality score in your Google Ads campaign.
And the most important reason?

Frustrated people will quickly abandon your shop, buy via your competitors sites, and may never come back to your brand – all because of a broken link!

This is why it’s essential to continuously monitor your active ads. Google Ads isn’t designed to detect broken links quickly, but you can! Be proactive by using tools like Ads Defender, which checks availability of your links 24/7 and automatically pauses your spend when and where issues are detected. It guarantees you avoid wasting your budget and helps you keep your finger on the pulse.

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