If the customer does not inform you about the changes on his website….

Even in excellently optimized Google Ads or Bing Ads campaigns can be hidden a problem. And this is caused by… maintenance mode.

What is maintenance mode?

Maintenance mode is also called service mode. It can be enabled at any moment you wish your actions and on-site changes not be viewed by people visiting your site. During maintenance mode your site is temporarily disabled for external visitors. Web users cannot see nor use it. Usually, after entering your site they see then messages like “Site under construction,” “Maintenance mode,” or “Coming soon.”

Large stores and sites have to be regularly put under maintenance mode to undertake operations like creating a backup version, updating/cleaning databases, or changing layout.

Can maintenance mode be any problem for a Google Ads or Bing Ads campaign?

Usually, temporarily disabling a site doesn’t cause any problems other than a short-lasting frustration of those customers who, for example, can’t buy anything at that very moment. Troubles begin if you run a sponsored links campaign and your IT department didn’t inform you the site would go down due to some changes underway. In such a situation, all your ads lead to a not-working site. You pay for clicks that don’t result in conversions, and additionally you may earn couple of negative reviews from your potential customers.

How to avoid that problem?

A solution is to take advantage of an application that would check how your site is working, one that when there’s a problem with your site’s availability would alert you and pause all active ad campaigns. This is a functionality offered by Ads Defender, a 24/7 monitoring tool. In case your site is down (e.g., due to maintenance mode), Ads Defender disables your ads (Google and Bing) to then run them again once your site is back online.