How can I check broken links?

Broken links account for one of the most common problems in Google Ads campaigns. How can you quickly detect and fix them?

Broken links appear in both low and high-budget ad campaigns. Statistically, almost every campaign has one or couple of URLs incorrectly directing people to hated 404 pages. You can’t avoid broken links but you can detect them sooner to minimize budget loss and brand damage.

There are various methods that help identify unavailable URLs in Google Ads campaigns. You can search for broken links either manually or automatically through dedicated tools.

Method #1. Manual checking with Google Ads Editor

Try out Google Ads Editor to fetch a list of your ads’ landing page URLs. To carry it out, sign into your Google Account, open Google Ads Editor, and export data from a selected ad campaign or whole ad account into a CSV file.

As next step, it’s worth converting all URLs from your CSV file, where they appear as normal text, into hyperlinks and save them in HTML format. This way, your URLs can be scanned. Best is to use the free tool Xenu’s Link Sleuth.

After you have downloaded and run the application, select the “Check URL…” option and upload your HTML file with landing page URLs to check. The tool will scan the file content and then mark in red URLs detected as leading to 404 pages.

Having a list of broken links in your ad campaign, you can go back to Google Ads to identify and repair each concerned ad. To check your landing page URLs once again in a week or two, you have to repeat the whole procedure.

Unfortunately, manual verification of links is time-consuming and doesn’t guarantee 24-hour campaign security. Today you have fixed broken links, but what if some new ones appear tomorrow?

Method #2. 24-hour Ads Defender monitoring

It’s better to audit your ad campaigns continuously. To do that, reach for a tool that works 24 hours on checking availability of your landing page URLs and alerts you when any of them doesn’t work. Such an automatic monitoring for sponsored links campaigns in Google Ads and other ad networks is offered by Ads Defender. Use it to get each sponsored link within your ad campaign under constant observation. With Ads Defender, you can be sure that any incorrect URL will be quickly detected and you don’t waste time for manual URL checking in your ad campaigns.

Find out how Ads Defender works.