Do not pay for advertisement when your site is down.

Unavailability of a company site or online store contributes not only to wasting money but also damaging the brand itself. At every single minute you miss orders and potential customers, not to say you burn out your campaign budget. How to not pay for an ad when that ad’s landing page is not working?

Why the site doesn’t work?

There are many reasons for why a site could be down. For example, it stops working if you didn’t pay for the domain & hosting in time, committed errors in the site’s code, or you wrongly redirected DNS. Often a site is unavailable due to server connection problems. The latter is caused by the host and you can do nothing but wait for the problem to be fixed and your site to be online again.

How long would it take to find and fix the problem?

According to a survey among IT professionals working for middle and large US companies, only one out of five server problems takes less than an hour to fix, on average. Fixing majority of them (60%) lasts from one to five hours. No doubts that those few hours of the site’s unavailability are a significant problem for many companies, not only in the ecommerce industry.

What are the consequences of a site being down?

The results of a gap in your site’s availability can be serious, even when a problem is fixed within an hour. During the down time people don’t buy in your online store, you miss new customers who may go over to the competition, and your brand gets significantly damaged. Not-working pages waste your campaign budget. People click ads that direct them to an unavailable site. As there are no conversions, you spend money for nothing.

Don’t pay for ads when your site is down

Site check in action

You can’t predict or fix on your own a problem caused by servers. What you can do, though, is prepare for such cases, that is, guarantee that problems are detected quickly and avoid undesirable budget loss by pausing affected Google Ads campaigns. It’s good then to take advantage of an external tool that checks the availability of your site 24/7, such as Ads Defender.

Ads Defender monitors your site continuously. The application would pause all your ad campaigns (Google Ads and Bing Ads) if your site went offline, and then automatically enables them after your site has been restored. This way you avoid losing money and maintain a good customer experience.

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