4 important reasons why broken links should never cost you so much.

Sponsored link, if directing to an unavailable landing page, can make you waste money and damage your brand. It can affect especially those who promote their products and services in the pay-per-view (PPC) model.

What is a damaged/broken link?

A damaged or broken link is a hyperlink that directs to an unavailable or unreachable destination.

After clicking such a link a person sees a 404-error message or an information that the page couldn’t be displayed. There are couple of reasons why links get broken. The most common causes are an incorrectly typed URL, a change in its structure, and a server problem. Regardless of the reason for a broken link, the outcome is always the same, that is, a person is unable to open the landing page, which results in unpleasant aftermath.

Why are broken links a problem for advertisers?

Damaged & broken links are a problem for a couple of reasons.

Reason no. 1. A broken link in a PPC ad negatively affects a company’s brand or that company itself amongst the potential customers. A person who after clicking an ad sees a 404 error instead of a product page, gets frustrated and considers the product or brand weak. As a result, that person may never again click the company’s ad nor take advantage of its offers.

Reason no. 2. In the PPC model, you pay for each click. This is why every time somebody clicks your ad and is directed to an unavailable page, you waste money.

Reason no. 3. Wait a second, you may say, but doesn’t Google Ads verify all this so it refuses ads with broken links? Yes, that’s correct. Google Ads does such a verification when any ad is published for the first time. Unfortunately, this mechanism doesn’t help if your campaign is already running and, for example, the link structure on your landing page has changed. In such a case Google Ads detects the problem with a significant delay, and until that your ads are still displayed directing people to unavailable destinations. And you keep wasting money.

Reason no. 4. Quality result. An ad that indicates a low-quality landing page or an ad with errors (e.g., 404, 500) lowers its value in Google terms. This means, you will have to pay more for your clicks in the future.

As proved above, broken links in ads noticeably damage your budget & brand. Eventually, they lower efficiency of your advertising efforts. To avoid it, it’s worth trying out an external tool that quickly & successfully detects broken links in ads, like adsdefender.com.

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